numbers, numbering, numbered
1) N-COUNT: usu with supp A number is a word such as `two', `nine', or `twelve', or a symbol such as 1, 3, or 47. You use numbers to say how many things you are referring to or where something comes in a series.

No, I don't know the room number...

Stan Laurel was born at number 3, Argyll Street...

The number 47 bus leaves in 10 minutes.

2) N-COUNT: adj N, usu N of n You use number with words such as `large' or `small' to say approximately how many things or people there are.

Quite a considerable number of interviews are going on...

I have had an enormous number of letters from single parents...

Growing numbers of people in the rural areas are too frightened to vote.

3) N-SING: a/any N, usu N of n If there are a number of things or people, there are several of them. If there are any number of things or people, there is a large quantity of them.

I seem to remember that Sam told a number of lies...

There must be any number of people in my position.

4) N-UNCOUNT: N num You can refer to someone's or something's position in a list of the most successful or most popular of a particular type of thing as, for example, number one or number two.

Martin now faces the world number one, Jansher Khan of Pakistan...

Before you knew it, the single was at Number 90 in the US singles charts...

Vikram Seth's `A Suitable Boy' is number two in the best-seller lists.

5) VERB If a group of people or things numbers a particular total, that is how many there are.

[V num] They told me that their village numbered 100...

[be V-ed in num] This time the dead were numbered in hundreds, not dozens. [Also V n in num]

6) N-COUNT A number is the series of numbers that you dial when you are making a telephone call.

Sarah sat down and dialled a number.

...a list of names and telephone numbers...

My number is 414-3925...

`You must have a wrong number,' she said. `There's no one of that name here.'

7) N-COUNT You can refer to a short piece of music, a song, or a dance as a number.

...`Unforgettable', a number that was written and performed in 1951...

Responsibility for the dance numbers was split between Robert Alton and the young George Balanchine.

8) VERB If someone or something is numbered among a particular group, they are believed to belong in that group. [FORMAL]

[be V-ed among n] The Leicester Swannington Railway is numbered among Britain's railway pioneers...

[V n among n] He numbered several Americans among his friends.

9) VERB If you number something, you mark it with a number, usually starting at 1.

[V n] He cut his paper up into tiny squares, and he numbered each one...

[V n] Each factor has been numbered.

10) See also , prime number, serial number
11) PHRASE: V inflects, with poss If you say that someone's or something's days are numbered, you mean that they will not survive or be successful for much longer.

The party is convinced that the Communists' days are numbered.

12) PHRASE One of your number is a member of your group.

Scientists like the idea that one of their number is close to the seat of power...

One of our number has made a very interesting design of flooring, which has won a prize.

13) PHRASE If you refer to the numbers game, the numbers racket, or the numbers, you are referring to an illegal lottery or illegal betting. [AM]
See also numbers game
14) safety in numberssee safety

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